Powerball Titan Autostart PRO

Powerball The Original

The NSD Powerball The Original features a transparent outer sphere and an opening on one side that allows access to the rotor. Starting is manual, simplified by the presence of two rubberized inserts that allow you to immediately charge and activate the internal spring without the need for a rope.


The shell is very ergonomic in polycarbonate thanks to the central band that allows you to keep the sphere firmly in the palm of your hand. The number of revolutions produced allows generating a resistance ranging from 0 up to 20 kg, without however producing vibrations, making it a very practical product for rehabilitation, but also to improve the muscles of the arms and shoulders.


One of its strong points is its extreme lightness, less than 300 g. It does not have a device for checking laps.


The design of this sphere is highly technological and at the same time sporty with a completely silver sphere and a black central band. The rotor is activated automatically with the simple backward reloading gesture. The weight is less than 500 g but thanks to the high capacity of the gyroscope it allows to reach speeds higher than 17,000 revolutions with the possibility of generating a resistance equal to 27 kg.


Training the forearm muscles or performing a rehabilitation in a precise way and recording all the improvements is possible thanks to the presence of an LCD screen that indicates the rotation speed. In addition, a mini-computer is incorporated which records 6 different workouts for 48 hours, and works without the need to use a battery, but recharges itself with the movement of the tool.


One of the strengths is the presence of a practical case in which to store the sphere and transport it. While the silver body is captivating on the one hand, on the other it does not offer a view of the movement of the rotor.


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